Help bring skating back to our town

Cast your vote for bringing skating back to Modesto, right here!

Bringing skating back to Modesto is possible. We need your help to convince our investors that there is a large enough interest in this area. Make your voice heard by completing the survey below.

If there were a local skating rink, that played skating music, had fun skating activities, was clean, well maintained and more ...

Would you prefer to have an “unlimited” monthly membership, or pay per session?
How often would you skate, if you had “unlimited” access to a local skating rink?
Do you want your skating rink to play music you can skate to, or just current radio songs?
When is your favorite time to skate?
How many members of your immediate household would go skating, if we had a local skating rink?
What is your favorite "Special" Skate?
By completing our survey and entering your contact information, you will receive updates about our grand opening, and have an opportunity to become a "Founding Member"!
After completing the survey above, enter your contact information below so we can keep you up to date with our progress!
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Why You Should Complete Our Survey

Completing our survey shows our investors that you support roller skating. You’re talking directly to our investors and expressing your interest in having a skating rink in the Modesto area.

Starting a new business is easier when it satisfies a need or desire of the community. So, completing this short survey is like casting a vote in favor of bringing skating back to Modesto. It shows our investors that we would support a local skating rink, so that they can justify building it for us!

Obviously, it only makes sense to invest in a project, when there is a strong local support for it. The faster we can get lots of these surveys together to show investors that we want skating in Modesto, the sooner we can make it a reality. Complete the survey now, and then tell your friends about it!

When you include your contact information, we will be able to let you know about our progress, and you will be able to receive your invitation to become a Founding Member. Founding members will receive benefits not available to general members.

What will be different about this
skating rink, and why.

We believe that skating should be fun, so we want to have lots of fun activities, that you can do on your skates. That’s because when you enjoy yourself, you will naturally want to come back for more, and bring friends!

Remember when they used to stop the session to tell you the rules? Well, don’t you think it should be part of the rules that you have to have fun and meet someone new, every time you go skating? So do we!

To make all this work, we’re using a membership type of system, rather than just another "public" skating rink. This business model will allow us to do more fun skating activities for our members, hire better employees, and do a better job of maintaining your skating facility for you.

Members will be kept informed of schedule changes, special events, special buys and more. Plus, members can contribute ideas that help make this the best skating rink ever.

A skating rink can only prosper when it is profitable. So our total focus will be to keep your skating experience fun and engaging. Isn’t that all you really want from your skating rink?

You can help make a difference!

Our investors are only going to commit to building a rink in areas where people have demonstrated a strong interest. So as soon as we have enough surveys completed, our investors will take a look at your comments, and then decide if Modesto is a good area for them to invest in.

If you believe that Modesto can support a skating rink, and it would be a good investment, then take a few moments to complete our survey. You can also help by telling others who enjoy skating. Please take a few moments to do this now.

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